Wednesday, January 27, 2010

re-design of site, UI, direction, illustration, making it modern, fresh, inviting and interactive.
new site has butterflies animated (flying) the flowers on the left change to different flowers; i.e sunflowers, poppies... they also move and blow in the wind. (site under construction)

Liaising directly with client - Main logo was designed developed along with website. In the shape and form of a gearstick knob. (as per 3rd image). The client ended up changing their name, keeping to similar design requested from client (as client loved the first logo) developed a new logo ( which client ended up loving even more)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Friday, November 27, 2009


Role.designed entire business product idea/concept, development, packaging, branding, website design, brochures and display stands, art direction, copywriting, POS and email campaigns to sourcing suppliers, manufactures, maintaining high customer service.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tree your world

contracted to redesign the tree your world logo - being the third designer on this job a more indepth look into the company was needed.
meaning of the final logo.
conservation signals, water droplets, life rings of a tree, oxygen symbols, a link between people and nature, paulowhia tree is bushy in summer great for shade in summer. (symbolizing the shade of a tree), interaction
other concepts presented.

Satya Paul

Design of brochure, poster and invites to the launch of Satya Pauls newest collection of wool/silk saris. Invites were sewn using the combination of the wool/silk logo in wool and silk.

Pitched also was this CD style for the collection launch.


Re-design of Scyon Icons
Design and art direction of product brochures

3D Instore/Outside graphic display - Each house shape uses a particular Scyon product - with the window slot looking inside to a real life photograph of that product. Out the front of each house a letter box style - brochure stand with detailed description.

The power to be

Design a logo that reflected the power to be - for life coaching company.

Loving embrace of yourself, a connection. Arms above your head, reaching for the sun, opening yourself up; a sun salutation, a greeting, welcoming of a new you - the power to be ME! also... symbolises a mountain - reaching for the top - to see the beautiful sunset (the reward).

Client connected with and adored.

Brand new wonderful

Briefing directly from client, a social networking advertising agency - Main logo was designed along with website.

131500 Transport Info - Logo Redesign

Contracted to redesign the 131500 logo - this logo represents around the clock (24 hours) travel information - using existing bus/train and ferry icons within the centre.

The Lost Buddhas - Concept

Design meaning – Old Hindu goddess mythology – seated or standing Kali goddess, with hundreds or thousand arms radiating from her. Reason – the Kali goddess in Hindu spiritual mythology is a ferocious goddess and wreaks havoc with her wrath – this is not the same with the goddess Kwan Yin , who is known as the goddess of mercy. However – in mythology..the thousand arms/hands/palms radiating outwards from each central figure finds resonance within the art of Muay thai – the art of eight weapons of the body.

Metcash -Annual Report

Conceptual design which was chosen and developed to make finish product. Metcash promises fresh quality products. So keeping to that promise, I decided to design the annual report based on fresh produce. The cover is a glossy pic of a lettuce and the annual report was packaged in a cellophane bag to keep it fresh also using a name sticker on the cover page. Throughout the report high gloss images were used.

Illustration - personal work

A fire inside.
Blop! the sprite.

Ecards for Hudson and Safe Solutions

The University of Sydney - Institue of Wildlife research

Cavell Brandhouse



Paris to Peking